• Stylish Soft Tube Cup for Him

Stylish Soft Tube Cup for Him

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Stylish Soft Tube Cup for Him
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Details About Stylish Soft Tube Cup for Him
The Deep throat cup is lined with a complex system of textures which give a gripping performance on your penis. The cup's pinched shaped and distinctive valves create near vacuum pressure; this is what gives this masturbator its incredible tightness and suction. A small hole at the far end of the tube allows the user to control the amount of pressure he wants to feel inside the tube. The taut ripples provided by the texture give the Deep throat cup a sexy slurping sound that will remind you of a real oral sex experience. According to the manufacturer, this item is able to be disposed of after use if desired. The internal materials can also be carefully removed and rinsed for extended use.
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use
 The Best Toy I've ever owned!!! Review by Dallas 9/9/13
I ordered one of these back and I became addicted to the great sensations this toy deliver... Needless to say after 4 months it was almost shredded to pieces and I ordered a new one. The only problem I have with this product is that although I thoroughly wash it after each use, its has developed an unpleasant odor.... Another reason for which I got a new one... Regardless, beware, this toybis really addictive!!! Better than the real thing!

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