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  1. Powerful G-Spot Orgasm Masturbation Sex Machine

    But it does the job when you reposition yourself

  2. Crystal Super Stimulation Massive Mace

    Cheap and easy to use but cleaning is a little bit

  3. 7.5 inch Realistic Dildo Natural with a Suction Cup Base - Purple

    My girl loves it, although it is a little on the b

  4. LELO ISLA-The Sleek Seductive Vibrator for Deep Sensations

    It's smaller than you would think, and it is very

  5. Translucent Pink Powerful Vibration Massager

    Charge lasts forever and Wife was very satisfied!


LELO, as the top secret life products company, revolutionized the traditional massagers, sex toys up to a luxury station. LELO high-end quality, design aesthetics and innovative ideas throughout all product lines. LELO Vibrator, LELO GiGi, LELO Soraya and other LELO products are popular in the world.
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Showing 1 to 24 of 27 items