1. Caterpillar Shaped G-spot Vibrator

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  2. Mini Portable Sex Machine With Remote Control

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  3. Hismith Pro Traveler, Portable Sex Machine With Remote Controller

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  4. Female Masturbation Sex Machine Gun with Many Dildo Accessories - J

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  5. California Exotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit with Floating Beads

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Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa Balls, also known as Love Balls, Orgasm Balls, and Smart Balls, come in a variety of sizes and materials. Please do not just take this as a normal pleasurable sex toy providing sexual stimulation, it is also can be used as training tool to strengthen the kegels/vaginal muscles thus intensify sexual pleasure and orgasm. Pay for few dollars and get more bliss in bed, who would miss it?
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3 Item(s)