• PicoBong Take No Evil Whip Blue

PicoBong Take No Evil Whip Blue

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PicoBong Take No Evil Whip Blue
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Details About PicoBong Take No Evil Whip Blue

Feel like crackin’ more than a smile?
Smooth enough for teasing but firm enough for a
good crackin’, get a grip of this whip and decide
who’ll be clenching the handle and who’ll be
clenching their teeth. Just because the whip’s
tassels and 100% neoprene shaft are soft doesn’t
mean the person in control of ‘em needs to be.
Brightly-colored products give a fun and playful vibe
Comes in tasteful, hip, trendy packaging
Perfect for those looking for a first full set of bedroom 

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Ease Of Use
 Very Good!!! Review by Calhoun 9/3/14
I was amazed how good quality this flogged is!!! It should be priced higher. Very pleased with the this. Five Stars!!

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