• Hismith KlicLok System Adapter for 3XLR Attachments

Hismith KlicLok System Adapter for 3XLR Attachments


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Hismith KlicLok System Adapter for 3XLR Attachments
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Details About Hismith KlicLok System Adapter for 3XLR Attachments

COMPATIBLE WITH---A3 A9 A5s A12 series Hismith premium sex machine with KlicLok lock.
HIGH QUALITY MATEIAL---Stainless steel connecter, safety PVC and alloy with surface electroplating.
EASY TO CLEAN---Use neutral detergent to clean, using acid detergent is not a good idea.
WASTE RECLAMATION---Reuse the 3XLR connector attachments of cheap made sex machine.
EASY TO USE---Just insert the adapter into the KlicLok connector, then you can use the 3XLR attachments.

Size:3 XLR Connector

Are you still annoyed by your the crappy sex machine? Cost almost & over 100$, just got a week motor and no penetration power machine.
Are you still got dispirited for the not sturdy machine, the toys won't stay on the device well and fall down again and again?
Are you still got lost when you use the machine, the dildo is too big so it's really tight causimg the thrusting to stop, and ruined the mood.
Are you still be agitated for the noisy, the cheap made sex machine produce over 80db noisy, totally beyond your suffertibility.
So you have no choice but throw it away like a rubbish. While you find some of the attachments are useful, but your new machine can't compatible with it.
Now, here is the right choice for you, 3 Prong XLR adapter for you! Make your attachment can use on KlicLok connector machine.


1 x Hismith KlicLok System Adapter for 3XLR

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