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Ease Of Use
 For Pleasure or For Expansion Review by Ben 8/30/14
The reality is one would have to use this often and over a long period of time to see much measurable gain in size. That, however, does not stop it from being a "toy" that's enjoyable and easy to use. Alone or with a friend. The only "trick" is in learning how and when to use the pressure release valve; It's quite sensitive and just as you've built up a head of steam one touch and down everything goes. Some may wish to use a lubricant for a better seal but it would need to be water soluble to avoid damaging the main gasket.

Don't be shy about ordering this-only you, an order filler and a computer know- and, at the price offered, it's an exceptional buy. Compare it to what's being asked in sex toy catalogs to find that out. As an introduction to "serious pumping", this is just fine, easy to clean and easy to store. And a pleasure to use.
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