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Vibrating Latex Penis Extension


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Vibrating Latex Penis Extension
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Details About Vibrating Latex Penis Extension
6 inch prostetic penis attachment slides over your penis and inflates to desired girth.( Inflates to 6 X 2.25 inches ) Bullet is placed at the tip of the head for optimal stimulation with 3 speed vibration. Easy-to-use squeeze bulb, quick release purge valve and LED bright light viewfinder. 3 AA batteries. Contains Latex
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Ease Of Use
 Feel like a porn starr... Review by Matt 9/13/13
Lets just start off by saying this thang is not for the shy at heart. If you have used toys on the past she just might let you put this iside her. My penis is of average size around 6 1/4. And she is about 5'2 . 120 pounds. So she is pretty small. Still the only issue we had was trying not to ram this in her. My wife is a sqirter so i know when she has gottin off. No hideing it. Wet mess...any way the first time we used this i started with my penise to loosin her up a bit. Job done. Wet mess..l then i put this thang on and made a couple more wet messes..... She loved it.. When we were finish i was laying there wondering if her insides felt the same so became aroused again and had to try it without the rhino on to see. Her insides were still really tight just like before and she still was able to make one more wet mess...... So i know with time and patiance if you dont rush you will not her her insides and you can keep having fun with this thang. Just remember just because your huge down there it doesnt make you a good lover.. Have fun... Be safe... Ps. Always listen to your lover in action or you WILL ruin your experiance.

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