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Sensual Low Temperature Wax Candles (3-Pack)

Sensual Low Temperature Wax Candles (3-Pack)

Product Review (submitted on September 3, 2014):
Wax play is a form of sensual play usually placed in the BDSM category. In wax play, you drip or drizzle melted wax onto the bare skin of your lover, producing short-lived burning sensations that quickly dissipate. Now, a problem with wax play is that the wax used to make different candles can have higher melding points, resulting in real, if minor, burns - which is not terribly sexy.

These special fetish candles melt at a lower temperature, which means that there is less heat to dissipate and less of a chance of giving a burn. Interestingly, these brightly colored candles look like any normal candle, which means that you do not need to keep them hidden from the kids or other visitors to your bedroom. The size makes these candles good for about one session each, and no more.

So, if you do want to experiment with wax play, don't grab a candle off the shelf, especially a scented one. Instead, get a low temperature candle, like these!