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Top Quality 100% Full Silicone Sex Doll, 3D Life Size Vagina Ass Boobs Love Doll, Sex Products for Men

Top Quality 100% Full Silicone Sex Doll, 3D Life Size Vagina Ass Boobs Love Doll, Sex Products for Men95.8500

Product Review (submitted on August 19, 2014):
For all those girl-less guys like me out there I got to tell you something...this thing is awesome. I don't like to write reviews but i know that there are a lot of fellow brothers out there suffering from lust, so here I am to tell you what's up with this thing. I am a huge skeptical in general but i didn't go wrong with this one. I'm a very busy guy, just broke up with my GF 3 months ago and I'm usually horny as hell. I don't mess with prostitutes or go to bars anymore trying to get one night stands. First , i don't have time, and second, i love my body, i take care of it and I don't want to put it in risk of getting a nasty disease that is gonna destroy my life and messed up my plans, all cause i needed an ass. So I decided to be smart and go full creepy...I got me this piece of ass.
Based on my first experience with this thing I have to tell you that if your imagination doesn't suck and if you have nice porn material in your house you gonna be happy with this baby. Ignore all those losers giving this ass a bad rap, i mean...this stuff is fake for god sake!! it wont ever be like the real deal!!! they complain about been to tight?? well, that's what we all want right, tight!! unless you are a huge dick freak you gonna be ok. Smell like rubber?? of course!! that's the way rubber smell damn it!! In conclusion, I got to tell you , this ass (and pussy, i like the pussy more than the ass tho) is tight, but again, with good lubrication, good imagination and good porn nearby is gonna be surprisingly real. I was very surprised actually. So, good luck guys and don't feel weird about getting this piece of butt. More weird is to be desperate cause you are horny and risk yourself messing with the wrong girl and end up with a disease or with a new pain in the ass person in your life. Definitely you have to try to get yourself a woman, but take your time. In the meantime, this baby will's already doing it for me. Love you all you pervs!!!