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7 Speeds Vibration,Stretch&Shrink Rabbit Vibrators,Rotation,Adult Sex Toys,Sex Products

7 Speeds Vibration,Stretch&Shrink Rabbit Vibrators,Rotation,Adult Sex Toys,Sex Products

Product Review (submitted on August 15, 2014):
Well I ordered this for my wife after reading a spice up your marriage suggestion. Needless to say it was obvious all the women that reviewed this thing thought it was incredible/great. Well, yesterday it arrived and today my wife said it was well beyond incredible and she wished she knew this existed 20 years ago! I hit a home run big time. She said it was so surprisingly gratifying that it was almost too much too continue! To be honest I know from time to time I am able to get her to climax but after what I was told today, there is a big difference between driving your wife crazy and getting her to climax and the experience she had with this thing. Its not a competitive problem, but I can sure see how this could get in the way if this thing is as great as she said it was today. I am hoping to adds to our marriage since I am trying to explore new things. Glad I bought this for her, she never would have bought it. I am really surprised by her description of how it worked and how fast it worked. It sounded like a pleasure torture. Do they make anything like this for guys? Not fair.

Ironic that I am following up on the above thought that this thing could get in the way of things. So no joke this product was great at first. However I have noticed her lack of desire with me now. We used to do it a lot and we were looking for the next level since I am more conservative than she is. Now its not so often. At first I couldn't figure it out and then I started noticing how often the "secret" drawer was left ajar indicating it was used. Apparently the toy is seeing a lot of fun at my expense. I am happy she is enjoying this and at first it was a mutually exciting thing to try but as a couple we have taken many steps back. I thought this might happen.