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  I love it Review by Alexander 8/14/14
"Better than a Sybian. That's the comment I got from a friend and the way she soaked it I believe it. I've heard Hitachi's are better when used right, and this just makes them into a Sybian basically. I didn't realize when ordering that the hole goes all the way through. The little pamphlet that comes with it actually shows it with a magic wand inside it. And it does fit perfectly. This plus a magic wand is a Sybian with 1.2k off. Sure it's not a nice piece of furniture like the Sybian, but for the rest of us we can be very happy with this.

Tips - Use a auto inflator. This is just as well built as the inflatable beds so you'll get nothing but asthma if you try blowing. If you can inflate this thing with your mouth in a few minutes you should be or probably are a porn star. Also, (as with anything) wash it before use. Some of the little fuzzies like to come off of these things. Also I know it shows a rabbit toy, but your going to want something a lot longer. This thing swallows a whole Hitachi except for its head so think on that. I find a 12in (more for most) double sided toy fits quite well, even a longer one as your basically scissoring a pillow instead of a girl, just get what to stick out (and in you) and add 9in (what's inside this thing) and that's what you've got.

Negatives, it could be a little bigger... But really is big enough to fit a Hitachi perfectly so I'd say it's actually perfect. It says 220 lbs weight capacity, but I've had up to 270 on mine, not sure real capacity. Still needs to be stronger IMO. That's the main thing that bugs me about this, just afraid to break it with friends or multiple riders. Also, they could make one of these with two holes for a toy and Hitachi, or two Hitachi's, etc etc etc. The edges are a little rough, the tough plastic makes sharp edges on the ends of the pillow. They are on the hole also, but facing inwards. No one has complained about the edges though, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It did everything as advertised though, and better than I expected really.

Now, for the guys interested in their statement of inserting your man meat into here, don't. It's got sharp plastic edges that fave inwards. I'm not even going to try that. Just for this review I tried fitting a fleshlight into it, nope. Fleshlight is too big. Now if you used some of your standard water based lube on the hole and put the cyberskin part of the fleshlight in there it would probably "
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