Vaginal Transparent Crystal Exercise Ball Reviews

Ease Of Use
  Great! Review by Antonio 8/14/14
These are very great quality and I love the little pouch they came in. They were perfect. I could keep them in, but only with effort. It gets on my nerves when people write reviews for these and are like "They fell right out! I can't even keep them in, they're too heavy!" Well that's your problem, not the products. If you have extremely weak PC muscles these might be hard to keep in, but that's the point. It's a muscle you are exercising in order to help them become stronger. If you do have a lot of trouble keeping them in, you may just have to get lighter weighted balls. I really liked these though. I could keep them in, but I had to make sure I focused on keeping my PC muscles clenched or else they would slowly start to fall out after a while. These do give you a bit of a nice sensation I'll admit as well. I couldn't feel the balls, but leeping your PC muscles clenched around these created a really nice sensation and a few shivers of pleasure. These really do help turn you on. I would definitely
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