• Buy Now! Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D

Buy Now! Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D

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Premium H Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D
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Details About Buy Now! Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D

Take your sexual fantasies to the next level with the Premium Hismith Sex Machine.

The Sex Machine is a premium, high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine.

The Premium looks the same as it's little brother...but packs more of a punch.

Stability of the Premium is superb - this is due to the design and weight of the legs which are solid steel, will not flip around even on full speed - like many fucking machines do.

Can be easily stored away in the closet simply disassemble the two legs and unit can almost store completely flat.




Hismith focus on sex machine series,we produce the machine and matched accessories.This Sex Machine is updated recently, based on the concept of concise, creative, mutifunction,super slient.we choose the best long life and mute motor as the core of the machine,ensure the power of our product,30 N-cm driving force,never stop when encounter resistance.Our power supply can support wide voltage,110-250V,power switch with functioning LED. we supply a speed governor.As your wish,the thrust depth can be changed through change the postion of the torsion bar.Besides,you can change the masburation postion,by change the postion of support connector.The body of the machine are aluminium alloy Material,with high density anodizing technology.Every component is produced by Precision high-precision CNC,SLA laser series machine,and mirage black painted surfaces,bright in color and durable,surfaces look fresh as a new one after long time use. working life 10-15 years with correct usage and cleansing maintenance.One year quality warranty!



Power Input: 110V-240V 50/60HZ 
Output: DC 24V-5A 
Motor Power:120W 
Nosie:30~50 db 
Dildo Adapter type:Hard quick connector 
Back and Forth Part Move Distance:6.5cm 
Adjusting Angle: About0-90degree 
Dildo Size:7 inches, Diameter 1.38inches 
CE certified



1 x Hismith Main Machine 
2 x 40cm Chroming Iron Support rods 
2 x 25cm Chroming Iron Support rods 
2 x Triangle connector
4 x Anti-ski Mad 
1 x Power Supply
1 x Speed governor
1 x US Plug line 
1 x 6mm hex wrench
1 x User Manual 
2 x Hismith Sex Machine Single Three Prong Dildo Connector Attachment
1 x Hismith Machine Device Attachements(Quick connector) 
1 x Anal Attachment for Automatic Sex Machine
1 x Double Dong Vaginal and Anal Realistic Dildo
1 x Realistic Silicone Penis Masturbator
1 x Black Masturbation Silicone Dildo
1 x Flesh Realistic Silicone Dildo
1 x Green Beer Mug Masturbation Pussy Cup



1* Ensuring every part connected firmly,it very important for you safety!

Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use
 Excitement plus Review by George and Connie 5/30/18
Wow! Exceeding our expectations.
Ease Of Use
 Better than expected Review by J. Figueroa 5/30/18
So after a couple uses on some volunteers I have to say the product does a good job. Good torque and speed. Adjustable thrust depth and good attachments comes with the adaptor that switches from air quick connect to XLR which some of the attachments can vary on the type of connector so it's nice to have that. Angles are easy to obtain and if all else fails you can hold it in your arms like a Jack hammer. All parts are sturdy and dont feel flimsy. All in all I can recommend it as a good buy. Also can use Hismith attachments.

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