• Novelty Item Sex Toys High Quality Plush Lovers Handcuffs Pink

Novelty Item Sex Toys High Quality Plush Lovers Handcuffs Pink

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Novelty Item Sex Toys High Quality Plush Lovers Handcuffs Pink
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Details About Novelty Item Sex Toys High Quality Plush Lovers Handcuffs Pink

Important Information


Safety Information
1.The apparatus for personal use, should pay attention to hygiene before and after use;
2.Do not contact the ink and other easily contaminants
3.utensils in packing box inside, should according to the original location place with good collection prepared for the next use


Product Description


This product smooth surface not to your delicate skin to produce effect, you can follow one's inclinations feel it bring you all, and you want everything!
From the real significance to build up overturn belongs to you the appeal of the experience.

Love Cuffs for intimate lovers only. For those of us who want to get a little into bondage, without the pain, these plush furry cuffs are perfect. Real handcuffs,
key included, with a soft furry sleeve that feels so good, when you're being so bad. Cuffs can also be opened by pressing down the safety lever.Color:pink/purple (Random color delivery)

Sexy Fun for Couples.It's all in the wrist-through the dice and await your destire.The erotic dice are extremely portable,Roll the dice and get lucky feature only adds to their veratile and exciting enjoyment.

Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use
 best restraints i've used Review by Cais 9/3/14
strong. comfortable. really truly the best restraints my fiancee and i have tried.
they adjust small enough to fit her wrists (shes VERY tiny. ~100lbs) and hold her in, and yet also can hold me in just as well. A first for us- no other restraint we've ever used has been adjustable (and comfortable and secure) enough to hold her or me. LOVE them. money well spent.
Ease Of Use
 Bondage Beginner Review by xmorningxgloryx 9/23/13
After having enough of uncomfortable fun with metal handcuffs, I decided to invest in these. No more feeling silly with fluffy handcuffs around my wrists!

I opted for the pink ones, which are a beautiful bright colour. Just what I like in my naughty drawer. :) Though my boyfriend would have liked them more if they came in a manly colour for when he's tied up.

Once I was restrained these held me in place perfectly. I wasn't sure the Velcro would hold but it really does. The metal handcuffs I have used in the past had an annoying habit of opening all on their own. Not a problem with these!

The best thing about them though has to be how comfortable they are. I can wriggle around as much as I like without anything digging into my wrists.

These are easy to undo when you are wearing them so if the thought of being restrained makes you feel slightly panicky these are perfect for you.

I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys soft bondage or anyone new to bondage.

They are a fantastic set of handcuffs!

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