• FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina with Vibration Male Masturbator Simulation Sucker(Gray)

FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina with Vibration Male Masturbator Simulation Sucker(Gray)


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FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina with Vibration Male Masturbator Simulation Sucker(Gray)
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Details About FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina with Vibration Male Masturbator Simulation Sucker(Gray)

Product Description

Mini size Vulcan Ripe Vagina masturbator equipment, convenient to take around. With this to relive your old wild sexual intercourse dreams. This masturbation sleeve is of springy, succulent material, really amazing soft touch feeling. The tunnel is tight and lined up with whorls, together with the stimulation of bullet vibrator it lead you go through inherent bliss again and again...Easy to clean up removable sleeve, can be multiply used.

- Premium FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Vibrating Sucker
- Realistic Love Skin masturbator
- Included wireless bullet has 6 functions of vibration and pulsation
- Stretchy tunnels stimulates for ultra-erotic deep penetrating pleasure
- Waterproof feature delivers you extra fun
- Slick with plenty of water-based lube before use
- Or heat up in warm water then to enjoy the life-like pussy thrust feeling

With FunZone Vulcan Vagina Vibrating Stroker to add a bit of a twist to foreplay or mutual masturbation. Whether you masturbate a lot,

wanna add some new element to your bedroom, or if you simply care enough to take your current routine to the next level, it is your awesome choice.

Open the discreet package you received from IntimateGadgets you will find the brand new FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Vibrating Stroker.

The original Funzone Vulcan masturbator sleeve always get detailed instruction on back of the product.

Peal the outer layer, it will surprise you with a enclosed bullet vibrator on the cap. The bullet vibrator varies in 6 modes, can be separately used in conjunction with your other sex toys.

Secretly open the cap in your bedroom, in case the vibrant appearance instantly get you erected. The nude vagina will pop up in front of you, pinch it to sense the life-like supple and succulent touch feeling.

Turn inside out, the exquisitely ribs lined up just as the real vagina textures - from dense to sparse, narrow to wide. Your dick knows it.

You could instantly lube up the sleeve and relax your stress away right now, or pull the sleeve out clip the bullet vibrator into the base of stroker to enjoy double stimulating pleasure.

After use, first pull off the sleeve from the cup and remove the bullet vibrator, then flush the masturbator with warm, soapy water through the open ends and rinse it clean.

For thorough clean you could turn inside out to deal with it. Let it dry naturally.

Besides the most passionate anus stroker above in the middle - naked lust, intense and greedy, you must be curious about the other two different color anus.

But think about the real vagina color changing rule, you may have a clue: the clear one just like the maiden anus - pink, delicate, tender and tight; the white one you can refer to the experienced vagina - wet, ultra-soft and comfortable. Appears in the same form, but each is with their own “skills” to rock your socks off.

It's LIVE on Youtube.


Product Specification

Masturbator material: Premium Loveskin life-like silicone

Size: 15 x 6 x 6cm

Features: 6 mode vibration and pulsation, waterproof

Package content: 1x FunZone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Vibrating Sucker(Gray) ;

1x wireless bullet vibrator

Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use
 Can't wait to use it :) Review by Berit 8/30/14
Feels nice and looks good can't wait to use it tonight woot woot
Ease Of Use
 THE PERFECTED BDAY GIFT 4 YOUR GUY! Review by beausgirl87 9/14/13
I was skeptical at 1st since the price was $54 but i broke up with my ex recently and i wasn't looking for a new gf just wanted to release some stress since my hand and porn wasn't cutting anymore.. so i said what the hell gave it a try you have 2 warm it 1st in warm water and make sure you buy WATER-BASED Lubricant since that's the key to the great feeling. Slipped it on and was amazed how real it felt now i do wish it was tighter but! i also wished my ex's vagina was tighter too... hahaIt actually was the same as her's, now i mainly got the product so i wouldn't be out of date with sex because once you go from hand to vagina all lubricated you tend to cum easy.. so this helps me not be out of tune.For your 1st 1 i recommend this 1 especially since it's $54 later you can go to their website and actually pick how tight you want it even add bumps inside, i hear it feels better than the straight 1 which this one has.But overall I am satisfied and wont have the problem of being in a dry spell then cumming too soon when i hook up with some1.

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