• FunZone Vulcan Ripe Mouth Male Masturbation Sleeve (Green +White)

FunZone Vulcan Ripe Mouth Male Masturbation Sleeve (Green +White)

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FunZone Vulcan Ripe Mouth Male Masturbation Sleeve (Green +White)
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Details About FunZone Vulcan Ripe Mouth Male Masturbation Sleeve (Green +White)

Product Description

Suppose every man has the sexual fantasy of oral sex with big mouth lady. Now the Vulcan Ripe Mouth simulation

masturbation can fulfill it. Vibrant vivid human mouth lips, springy succulent deep throat, once you penetrate in

you can feel to be really sucked. Inner lined-up whorls will add further sexual pleasant sensation, makes you enjoy

the credible captivating sexual Intercourse experience. Easy to clean-up removable sleeve, can be multiply used.

Nine guys out of ten would say that the best treat a woman can give them is oral sex in the morning. With FunZone Vulcan Mouth Imitator Blowjob Sucker, you can have your ideal breakfast in bed every morning, forget pancakes and bacons.

Open the discreet package you received from IntimateGadgets you will find the brand new FunZone Vulcan Ripe Mouth Sucker.

The original Funzone Vulcan masturbator sleeve always get detailed instruction on back of the product.
Peal the outer layer: if you want the stroker to be still with complete fresh looking package, try to gently tear or cut from the sealing line, then peal along the dotted line.

Secretly open the cap in your bedroom, in case the vibrant appearance instantly get you erected. The sexy ripe mouth will pop up in front of you, pinch it to sense the life-like supple and succulent touch feeling.

Turn inside out, you would see the rows of 360 degree floating ribs and buns; this whole tunnel is segmented into several parts from narrow to wide, but each part is with two rows of buns and rows of ribs in between.

Now lube up the sleeve and fill up the ripe mouth the way you always fantasized as. Penetrate deeper into this eager mouth, feel raised pleasure ridges and duns drain you til the last drop.

After use, pull off the sleeve from the cup and flush the masturbator with warm, soapy water through the open ends and rinse it clean. For thorough clean you could turn inside out to deal with it. Let it dry naturally.

Besides the sensual nude mouth masturbator above in the middle - naked lust, moderate tightness, intense and greedy, you must be curious about the other two different color anus. The clear one is just like pure and innocent young lady, her small mouth caress your dick tightly, with it your mind-blowing licking orgasms are always available; about the white one you can refer to the experienced lady, she will swallow your entire dick and knows every trick to lead you to ecstasy, if you want deep throat ball-draining orgasms, it is the right choice. Appears in the same form, but each is with their own “skills” to rock your socks off.

It's LIVE on Youtube. The best "mouth" for masturbators to let you know how grilfriend sux

Product Specification

15 x 6 x 6cm

Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use
 My husband's favorite Review by Benton 8/30/14
My husband favors this particular one. He told me he has since far before me, we've bought others and he just keeps coming back to this one. I like to use it on him, and even if I'm not, not only does he still change my mood, but it never fails him..
Ease Of Use
 Works like a charm Review by Art 9/9/13
It was everything it advertised and still more. Service and product both fantastic. Couldn't ask for more. Go for it.

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